Mahogany Homes For Sale. Why Should I Care?

Why Do We Care About Mahogany & Mahogany Homes For Sale?

Mahogany homes for sale in the distance and lake


That’s easy. Cause we love Mahogany in Calgary. It’s a great lake community in Calgary and in our opinion the best lake community in Calgary. If there’s even a few Mahogany homes for sale you should consider looking at them! What do we love about Mahogany?

We love the lake. Living around a lake is amazing. Its like living in a cottage all year around. You don’t have to drive hours to get to a cottage or camping. You have a beach minutes from your home. There’s great fishing in the lake and you can even rent a boat for free.

The activities in Mahogany are just great. People get together for Canada Day, Easter and other holidays. There is music, activities for kids and a lot of the time free coffee or food.

The beach club is another reason to love Mahogany. It has a ton of activities and an open gym. Tennis courts and 2 ice rinks (plus the lake ice). There are camps and kids classes that you get a discount on if you live in the community.

The homes. The Mahogany homes for sale are as varied as the things you can do in the community. From small condos almost anyone can afford to multi-million dollar lake homes. Westman Village is an amazing retirement community. There is something for everyone when it comes to homes in Mahogany.

The Mahogany Lake

Mahogany lake is a 63 acre fresh water lake. It is stocked with fish for fun fishing with the family. The fish is trout and you can keep up to 2 a day. There are 2 large beaches. The west beach and the main beach with the clubhouse on it. Both beaches are amazing for swimming, sun tanning or just having the kids play around.

Non-motorized boats and standing paddle boats are available for free to residents. You can even take a row boat out and fish in the middle of the lake. Mahogany lake is an amazing place to visit summer or winter.

In the winter the lake is turned into a few different ice rinks. There are propane bonfires to warm up. You can always pickup a game of hockey. Winter is just as active as the summer months if you like the cold and skating about. Not to mention the many Mahogany sledding hills.

Get more information on Mahogany lake here.

If you’re tired of the Mahogany lake then let’s talk about the wetlands. It’s a 74 acre wetland. With endless, paved pathways to walk or cycle around. The beautiful sunsets and spectacular wildlife will melt all that mid-week stress away.

Find out more here.

Just off the lake are parks. What seems like an endless supply of children’s parks, benches and greenery. The main beach has a kids park and splash park. The west beach also has a large climbing structure and plenty of space to play.

With plenty of Mahogany homes for sale in the area? Take a look at a few and make sure you visit the beach club to look around. We’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mahogany Activities & Get Togethers

Mahogany isn’t just about the amazing lake. Its also about getting together and enjoying the area you live in. Meeting your neighbors and seeing what’s new in the community.

The Mahogany HOA does an amazing job of bringing people together through food, music and activities. Take the Day of The Dead for example. People came dressed up as skeletons and mariachi. There was a legitimate mariachi band playing. A lot of Mexican food all over and just fun things to see and do.

Canada Day is always a great time. Flags all over. Great coffee and food. Kids laughing and playing on a warm summer’s day.

There is a summer blast that takes the heat and fun with water into consideration. Mahogany really pulls out all the stops for the kids and as an adult you can chat and catch up with the neighbors. These are just a few of the many events that Mahogany lake community has to offer its residents.

One of the greatest activities for many people is shopping or eating something. With Mahogany Village and many other shops and restaurants walking distance. Mahogany has something for everyone. Brokin Yolk, Chairman’s Steakhouse, Alvin’s Jazz Club and many others are great places to eat. McDonalds, Starbucks and other fast food places are also in the area. Not to mention grocery stores and hair salons. You’re no more then 5 minutes drive or a 15 minute walk to whatever your heart desires.

See more information on Mahogany dining or shops here.

Beach Club & Learning Something in Mahogany

Mahogany lake with homes for sale

Let’s steer away from the beach and water for a bit and talk about the Mahogany beach club. Yes, theirs a beach and a lot of water to play in. But the amenities the club offers and the classes must be touched on.

The Mahogany HOA takes a lot of time and effort to have classes at the Mahogany beach club. You or your children can pick up a class and start learning something new. There are drawing classes, dance classes, Yoga classes and many, many more. Resident also get a large discount for being a part of the Mahogany community.

Sports anyone? If you’re into sports then you’re in luck. Mahogany has tennis courts, basketball courts, water sports and much more. You can enjoy the gym for free on drop in days in the rainy or cold days of the year. There is usually someone there to paly a game with and maybe times there are specific sports being played and you can just jump in.

There are 2 new schools in Mahogany for your children. You don’t have to bus for an hour each way to get your child to school. Many can bike or walk to the schools and have more family time. Some Mahogany school information can be found here.

I know we’ve said this already but look at some Mahogany homes for sale. Be a part of the community. Take a look around and see why we think its one of the best lake communities in Calgary.

The Homes in Mahogany

Mahogany homes for sale

When you’re looking at the Mahogany homes for sale you’ll notice one thing. This is a big community and there is a home for everyone. Condos are spread out throughout Mahogany and would make a great starter home or to downsize.

Westman Village is the place if you’re looking to retire and downsize. Get a condo in the retirement resort right beside the lake. From independent living for seniors to nursing care. Westman Village has everything you need in your twilight years.

If your looking at Mahogany homes for sale you’ll notice the vast majority are single family homes. Attached garage at the front. Attached homes or rear garage homes. All have their price ranges and pros/cons. There great thing is that there is a price range and home for everybody.

When you’re looking at Mahogany homes for sale take into account how far you’ll be from the beach entrances. How far you’ll have to walk to all the shops? The price and size of home matter, of course. But location is important in a community like this. Do you want to be right beside the schools? Knowing it will be louder and more traffic. Do you want to be on the edges of Mahogany where it’s a little more quiet?

Again, as stated many times. Mahogany has a little something for everyone. We’re confident that if you drive around Mahogany and look at some homes you will find what you’re looking for.

And So…

Mahogany in Calgary has a lot to offer anyone looking for a community in Calgary to live in. With its amazing lake, community events, beach club for taking classes or the many different homes in Mahogany. We’re very confident you’ll find a home and community you will love for years to come.

Take a look at all the Mahogany homes for sale right now by clicking here.


Why Do We Care About Mahogany & Mahogany Homes For Sale?

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