Calgary & Mahogany Homes For Sale Easy, Fun & Informative Monthly Snapshot – DECEMBER 2022

Calgary & Mahogany Homes For Sale Easy, Fun & Informative Monthly Snapshot


Fast Facts

Current Market: Still seller’s market but slowing down
Housing Prices:  Prices are leveling off
Inventory: Really low, keeping prices stable
Future: Slowing down even more or stabilize
Mortgage: Rates keep climbing and making houses less affordable

Mahogany Homes & Calgary @ A Glance

The Mahogany real estate market and Calgary in general is slowing. Sales have slowed considerably since its height a year ago.

But…isn’t there always a but. Calgary homes are also not being listed. New listings are way down. What does that mean to you?

The market is pretty balanced with a small edge to sellers because of that stupid supply and demand thing. Demand is slowing down but supply is also very low.

The market is balancing out, especially with the rate hikes from the Canadian government. Hopefully in spring Mahogany homes for sale will increase and there will be more supply.

Let’s do a quick breakdown of each house type as they are affected differently…

Detached Homes – Slowing down. Up 9.8% year the year increase

Attached Homes – Same as detached but 9.2% year over year increase

Townhouse/Row –  Still very strong. Low inventory. 14.4% year over year increase

Apartment/Condo – Very strong also. Inventory is tightening. 9.2% year over year gain

A More In Depth Look At Mahogany Homes For Sale

Like the rest of the city Mahogany is starting to stabilize. Prices are very slowly coming down but the inventory is very tight.

Interest rate increases are affecting home buyers so it’s making demand slow down. But the very low inventory is keeping prices roughly where they are.

The market is slowly moving toward a balance market and Mahogany is no exception. The houses in Mahogany are diverse so there are a lot more options for buyers.

Sellers are still in a good position due to the inventory being so low on all Mahogany and Calgary homes.

Spring usually brings more buyers to the table and more sellers come out of the woodwork. We’ll see if that happens this year. 

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