Increase Your Mahogany Home Value By $5000 Or More!

Increase Your Mahogany Home Value By $5000 Or More!

Tips & Tricks To Get $5000+ When Putting Your Mahogany Home For Sale

With some many Mahogany homes for sale it can be tough to get yours to stand out. And by not standing out then your home will be like the rest. And if its like the rest you will be shopped. That means people will compare your home directly to others and then try to negotiate you down.

Mahogany homes are usually on the higher end of the spectrum. Getting an extra percent or 2 makes a huge difference. How can you do this? How can your Mahogany home stick out and get valued a bit higher then others.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do you’re your home in beautiful Mahogany that will get you at least $5000 more when you list your home.

Staging. Yes It’s Totally Worth It

Staging is one of those things that almost always returns amazing value. Most people have lived in their homes so long they can’t see the potential. Moving some furniture, paintings or adding some choice pieces can really up the value.

Take a look at this comparison. This Mahogany home is not staged on the left but fully staged with a professional o the right. Which is more appealing?

Again, with so many Mahogany homes for sale yours has to stick out. Spending money on staging is wort hit. Period. We’ve sold hundreds of homes and noticed that staged homes sell quicker and for more money.

It’s no different then selling your car. You’d clean it up. Shine up the dash. Maybe new car smell spray. Get at carwash and then take pictures. You’d show it at its best so you can get the most. Houses are no different.

Mahogany houses for sale vary in condition. Some people do nothing and fix nothing. The house is beat up and has seen better days. Even Mahogany homes that are only 5 years old. We’ve seen it. Yours would be professional staged, clean and looking its best. Who would get an offer first? Would the buyer spend a bit more? Of course.

The cost of staging in Mahogany vary from home to home. If you’re just getting consulting it could be as little as $350 dollars. If you are renting furniture for the stager needs to move things around. It can be $1000-$5000.

Either way its worth it. Many articles I read state that staging can increase your value from 1%-7%. Let’s be pessimistic and say .5%. As house for sale in Mahogany Calgary are on the higher side, let’s say an average of $500,000. .5% of that is $2500. You would make $2500 more then if you didn’t stage. And that’s at the lowest possible percentage. Check out this Forbes article on staging.

Another quick bonus to staging. Your Mahogany home sells faster. You have to do less showings in the evening and leave your home. Less people walking in and out all the time. Less open houses. Just a sold home and moving onto your new place. Priceless.

Cleaning, De-Cluttering and Repair Of Your Mahogany House

This might seem like a easy and simple thing to do. Something you’d think would be a no brainer for any home seller. But you’d be wrong. This coincides heavily with staging. In that cleaning, repair and decluttering work hand in hand with staging your home. All work to make your Mahogany house the very best it can be.

Get staging consulting first. That way you know what to de-clutter. One issue we’ve seen when having Mahogany homes for sale with clients is they remove too much. A barren house doesn’t feel like a home. Remove just enough to make it look large and spacious but not too much so its drab and barren.

Once done de-cluttering you might notice issues around the house. Paint peeling. Carpet loose. Broken banister. Fix it all. And I mean all of it. The reason for this is that buyers will put on a HUGE price tag to any repairs. That carpet costs $500 to fix. A buyer will think $1500 and want that off the price. Repair it now to save you money later.

Also please hire professionals. We’ve had clients that try to do the repairs themselves and they spend a lot of time and some money. But the repair it poor and makes the house look worse. The buyer would have to repair it again. Try this site to find amazing contractors.

Finally the cleaning. When all that is done you need to clean your home top to bottom. The main things to focus on are the windows and the floors. People like light and the cleaner the windows are the more light goes in. People’s eyes naturally go down so they look at the floors.

Hard to put a value on de-cluttering, cleaning and repairs. Especially in Mahogany where homes are on the higher end of pricing. But I would say that doing all 3 would net you at least 2X what you put into it. If you hire a cleaner, repairman and de-cluttered. That all cost $2000. You could raise your home price by $4000.

Now don’t take that to the bank. These are just rough numbers after selling hundreds of homes and listing many of my own.

The Mahogany Homes Selling Market. A.K.A. Timing

The amount of Mahogany homes for sale vary by season. Timing is important. To get the most out of your home you need to sell in spring. The Mahogany and Calgary real estate market goes up and down.

Spring is the best time to buy. Late February to About early June. Then summer starts.

Summer is a poor time to sell. A lot of people are on vacation or aren’t thinking of moving. This would be the second worst time to sell your home.

Fall is another great time to list your Mahogany home for sale. Spring is the best but Fall is second. People are thinking of school and just getting ready to hunker down for the winter. Late August to around late October is the fall season for real estate.

Finally and certainly least is winter. The dead of winter is…. Well…. Dead. People are thinking about saving for the holidays and no one wants to move in the snow or cold. So this would be the worst time to sell.

I’d say that trying to sell at the “hot” seasons like Spring and Fall could get you at least a few thousand more then if selling in Summer or Winter.

A Mahogany Home Selling Professional

This last tip is self serving but also true. Being agents we always advocate for a real estate professional to sell your home. Of course we do.

But there is truth in this. A professional will get your more money. How do they do this? Let’s discuss. I hope you agree with my logic here and get you a few thousand more for your Mahogany house.

I always see a Realtor as the glue that holds the deal together. They have EVERY incentive to get your home sold. They will push the sale, push the buyer or their agent and give invaluable advice. Like I’m doing here.

A real estate agent will also push you… in a good way. Those repairs, staging, de-cluttering we talked about before. A Realtor will make sure you get it all done so your house sells for the most.

They will also get in front of other agents and market the home to get it sold asap. Again, they have every incentive to sell your home quickly for as much as they can. If they don’t they get paid zero.

There are dozens of other things agents do to get your home sold. Even at a 3% or 3.5%/1.5% commission your agent is worth it. They will sell your Mahogany home for more and quicker. Saving you mortgage payments on the house and stress of selling your home.

Let’s say an average a good, and I cannot stress the word good enough. A good Realtor will get you at least $1000-$5000 more, after commissions.

Here’s a great discussion on why Realtors are worth it.

Final Say About Mahogany Homes For Sale and Your $5,000 Dollars

Mahogany is considered a higher end community. Selling your Mahogany home can be tough. But by following the tips I set out you should get at least $5,000 more for your home. And a lot more I believe.

Stage, de-clutter- repair and clean. Those seem simple but MANY sellers don’t bother. So if you bother then you will be way ahead of the others. By being ahead you can negotiate for more money.

Timing in Mahogany is critical. Spring and Fall are the best seasons to sell. Try to avoid Winter and Summer. This alone will get you a few more thousand on your Mahogany home.

Finally. A professional Realtor will be priceless. They keep the deal together like glue. They will fight for you and if they’re worth their salt. They will get your more money by negotiating for you.

With so Mahogany houses for sale at any given time you have to get yours to stick out and look its best. This will get you more money and save you a lot of stress and time. Let’s get started!

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