Not Sure About Mahogany Or Real Estate In General

Not Sure About Mahogany Or
Real Estate In General

Are Mahogany Homes For Sale For Me?

With so many houses for sale in Mahogany you will find your new home. But what if you’re not sure about Mahogany. What if you’re not sure about buying or selling in general? There are a lot of things to think about before choosing a community.

Is Mahogany in Calgary right for you? Are the prices in your budget? Homes for sale in Mahogany can vary wildly in price. One thing you need to do is get pre-approved and then set a budget. Struggling to pay your mortgage is not a great start to the home buying process.

Mahogany might not be the community for you. And I’m not talking about price. Maybe the area isn’t for you. Not going to use the Mahogany lake? Then why buy here. Maybe you want Auburn Bay, Cranston, Seton or Okotoks instead. Let’s look at each and see what they have to offer.

If you’re selling your Mahogany home then there are a lot of things to think about also. Should you sell? Maybe you want to rent? The market might not be the best. Maybe your home needs a lot of work before you list it.

Real estate might not be in the cards for you, by choice. Maybe renting is perfect for your lifestyle. It offers mobility, less stress and some could argue that you would save money. Renting is a viable option to buying and many people do it their whole lives.

Should You Even Look At Mahogany Homes For Sale?

There are a lot of homes for sale in Mahogany so there are a lot of different prices. But there is a minimum and it is much higher then most communities. Mahogany would be considered a more upper scale community. That means higher prices. There’s an HOA fee.

A Home Owners Association fee can be as much as $600 a year. The lowest prices as of this writing are in the $225,000 range for a very small condo. The upper is in the millions. Mahogany might not be right for you if you budget doesn’t allow it.

As mentioned in this blog post  you need to get pre-approved and then stick to that budget. I recommend using 80-90% of your budget and no more then that. It gives you cushion in case something goes wrong.

Mahogany homes might not fit in your budget. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are many other communities like Auburn Bay, Cranston and Okotoks that can be more affordable. They’re also great communities. Let’s take a look.

Mahogany Isn’t Right? What About Okotoks, Auburn Bay, Cranston and Seton?

Houses for sale in Mahogany are beautiful and amazing. It’s a great community. But there are many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to live there. Let’s take a look at each of the communities surrounding Mahogany and see if one of those are a better fit.

Auburn Bay in SE Calgary is like a sister community to Mahogany. It’s just across the road and has a lake. Auburn Bay lake is one large lake while Mahogany is 3 lakes combined. Mahogany homes for sale are a bit more expensive in general. Auburn Bay has some lower basement condo suites that go for 200k or even less. Great community with a lake.

Read more about Auburn Bay here.

Cranston is another newer community close by Mahogany. This is a very typical community. It has trails and a ravine in the back. Well though out for nature and paths. Clean and easy to get to. No lake or any other main attraction but the prices in general are lower then Mahogany. Plus they are still building new homes in Cranston.

Read more about Cranston here.

As I mentioned homes for sale in Mahogany can be on the expensive side. Okotoks can be a VERY viable option. Its 15 minutes from Calgary. Not too bad because its all highway. Has a very nice small city feel. There’s a Costco and Walmart. Everything you need. Like Mahogany it has a lake community in it. Even though Okotoks is a town and not in Calgary. You will save a lot on a home by just gong 15 minutes south.

Read more about Okotoks here.

Finally there’s Seton. The newest community as of this writing. Nice kids parks and very new. Has a Superstore, Cineplex and many shops. A great area that is just starting to grow. Because its so new you can still buy a brand new home and prices are low compared to homes for sale in Mahogany. Great little community.

Read more about Seton here.

Should I Put Up My Mahogany Homes For Sale?

Maybe. Maybe not. There are a lot of factors that go into selling your home and even if you should do it or hold off. Of course if you NEED to sell then you need to. Nothing you can do there.

Take a look at this blog about how to get the most from your Mahogany home. 

Another reason you might want to sell your Mahogany home is that you don’t like the community. Mahogany isn’t for everyone. If you have kids and love Mahogany lake and all the activities then it might be for you. But if you don’t… Also if you are downtown a lot and love that life. Then Mahogany isn’t for you either.

Property taxes are higher in Mahogany then most other communities. The HOA fee in Mahogany cane be as much as $600 dollars. Those would be reasons to want to move to a more affordable community.

But if you’re looking to put up your Mahogany home for sale then be strategic and pick the right time. Do the repairs and make it the best it can be. Again please read the blog we did on getting $5000 more for your Mahogany home. 

Forget Buying Or Selling In Mahogany

Another option many people take is to rent. Renting in Mahogany is great. You get all the amenities like the lake, wetlands and many shops. Without putting down tens of thousands of dollars.

Check out Rentfaster as a place to find great rentals,

If your rent is lower then what you would pay for mortgage and property take then you are saving money monthly. If you invest that money into a safe investment vehicle then you cold actually be far ahead of a homeowner. Especially if the market dips and house prices drop.

Just like buying renting isn’t for everyone. When you rent you have a landlord to deal with. You also can’t do whatever you like to the home. You have to get permission. And some people love the feel of owning something. Whether in Mahogany or not.

Still Not Sure About Mahogany?

Mahogany is a great community for families and anyone that loves the lake lifestyle. It won community of the year for many years and is still growing. There are a lot of shops and restaurants that are top tier. I love the community and the people in it.

But that doesn’t mean its for everyone. Budget could be a deciding factor. It is on the far edge of Calgary and it could be a long commute from Mahogany to downtown Calgary. The good news is there are other great communities in the SE of Calgary.

Cranston, Auburn Bay, Okotoks and Seton are all great options with there own pros and cons. If you really want a home but need to budget then Okotoks would be a great option. If you’re looking for a different vibe then Mahogany but still want a lake then Auburn Bay is perfect.

If you want to put up your home and be one of the houses for sale in Mahogany then do it. If you’re not feeling the community then sell and move to one that suites you. The good thing about real estate is that you can always sell and move on. Read our blogs on the best methods and ways to sell your Mahogany home to get the best return.

Finally, renting is a great option. You can rent in Mahogany from a professional landlord or from  a family that didn’t sell and wants to rent. There are Mahogany condos or houses. Everything you could want. Renting can save you money by not doing repairs and other major work. Plus if your rent is cheaper then the mortgage you could invest it somewhere else.

Mahogany in Calgary isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. There are a lot of options out there for your home.

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